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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage (Retail, Industrial, Office, Development) - Job

Cultivating opportunity

Friend Commercial Real Estate is responsible for sales and leasing transactions that shape the Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia region.

A Commercial Real Estate Agent is considered Essential and will be given the tools, support, and supervision to start a potentially lucrative career assisting in the sale or lease of commercial property. One of the largest goals of the experience will be to identify and pursue client accounts. There will be no “training wheels” - our hope is agents can gain experience working on the largest and potentially most lucrative opportunities possible.

No day is ever the same. Agents will be visiting sites and interacting with a diverse range of people ranging from business owners, elected officials, lawyers, accountants, engineers, community leaders, etc..

We presently have a Junior from Johns Hopkins and a graduating Senior from American University. Both started in the summer of 2020 and have continued to work with us while going to school. They will be available to share their experiences and if you would like to ask questions about what this career is like.

And to further clarify, as an Agent you will have the opportunity to make commissions.

An ideal candidate will:
  • Be passionate and active in sports, sorority/fraternity, student government, hobby clubs, and/or other extracurricular activities on and off campus.
  • Enjoy working closely and openly with others but also able to self-govern and work independently as though they were their own boss.
  • Exhibit strong grammatical skills and attention to detail.
  • Have relationships with business owners in Maryland, the District of Columbia, or Virginia.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Gmail.
  • Have a strong desire and motivated to make money.

A candidate will be required to:
  • Complete the pre-licensing educational requirements prior to beginning their internship/work at Friend Commercial Real Estate.
  •  Pass the national and state portions of the real estate exam no later than the start of the third week of the internship.
  •  Agree and sign an Independent Contractors Agreement with Friend Commercial Real Estate no later than the start of the third week of the internship.
  • Have a consistent means of transportation.
  • Be eligible to become a licensed Real Estate Agent in Maryland, the District of Columbia, or Virginia.
  • Respect and guard information deemed confidential or private.
  • Represent Friend Commercial Real Estate and its clients in a professional and respectful manner when conducting business.
  • Manage and guard company property including but not limited to digital files, tangible files, email accounts, emails, phones, digital and telecom communications, etc..

In a transaction where one business owner sells their property to another business owner, a Commercial Salesperson often works alongside Financial Institutions, Appraisers, Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Land Use Attorneys, Settlement Attorneys, Elected Officials, Accountants, Community Association Leaders, etc.; And for students, particularly those that haven’t set a career path, coming to work at Friend Commercial Real Estate provides the opportunity to actively work with other professions and make potential contacts.

Commercial Real Estate is a very lucrative field too. In fact it can be more lucrative than any of those other professions previously mentioned; and our hope is that a candidate enjoys success, being their own boss, and making an impact in communities, and decides pursuing a meaningful career with Friend Commercial Real Estate.

Just as an example, one of our agents with next to no experience in Commercial Real Estate made roughly $400,000 on their first transaction. It can't be guaranteed anyone would earn the same amount of money on their first deal, but we are hopeful that we can train the right candidate with the potential to replicate and perhaps even exceed our previous accomplishments.

Below is a proposed schedule for an eight week program which broadly paints a picture of what a candidate might hope to do in that time period.

Week 1
Commercial Real Estate Intro (10 hrs); Ethical Practice (10 hrs); Fundamentals of Being Professional (10 hrs); Finalizing Licensing Requirements (5 hrs)
Week 2
Research & Analytics Training (CoStar) (30 hrs); Agent Interviews – Identifying Needs (5 hrs)
Week 3
Property Research & Calls (15 hrs); Client Meetings with Mentor (15 hrs); Marketing Overview followed by hypothetical Sales Package (5 hrs)
Week 4
Property Research & Calls (15 hrs); Client Meetings with Mentor (10 hrs); Site Review – Engineer & Attorney (5 hrs); Agent Interviews – Identifying Problems (5 hrs)
Week 5
Property Research & Calls (10 hrs); Client Meetings with Mentor (10 hrs); Site Review – Elected Official & Community Forum (10 hrs); Agent Interviews – Identifying Solutions (5 hrs)
Week 6
Intro to Real Estate Finance (15 hrs); Summarize Financial Model (10 hrs); Site Review – Lender (5 hrs); Lobbyist Meeting & Legislative Update(5 hrs)
Week 7
Understanding Appraisals (10 hrs) ; Property Research & Identifying Site (15 hrs); Intro to Listing a Property (5 hrs); Site Review – Appraiser (5 hrs)
Week 8
“Highest & Best Use” (10 hrs); Pursuing A Listing (10 hrs); Internship Review (15 hrs)

Final Note: You need to call me... this is a sales position which requires initiative and personalization. You need to show you can pick-up the phone and create a connection with me.